Broken Mirror
Vision Statement
Our vision is a world in which every person will have a chance of hope
-in the most remote areas of South Africa-
and hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others within a loving environment.

Mission Statement
Our mission is nothing less than realising the full potential of every person by inspiring people throughout the world to realise their own abilities to open their minds, hearts, accept and include people with diverse backgrounds and thereby giving one another a chance of hope.

Where does Chances of Hope help:

  • Chances of Hope reach out into the South African rural areas and specific in the Northern Cape and Karoo;
  • Help is given where travellers don't go, areas that are not reached by holiday makers and that is situated in extreme "out of the way" areas, places where the average citizen don't stop if by chance they pass through.
Chances of Hope will:
  • Qualify the needs of people and take care of the needs within our ability;
  • Be involved with specific projects;
  • Search for the sponsors and donors willing to help;
  • Ensure your sponsor / donation is reaching the intended need;
  • Give you continuous updated feedback;
  • Inform you on what happens next, improving your involvement in a qualified, measured and involved experience, keeping you in contact with who, what and why you are involved;
  • Recognise your valuable grant to help people in extreme poverty conditions.
Hands giving
Chances of Hope is a registered NPO
Sponsors can be issued with an Article 18A Certificate

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