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Help Chances of Hope to supply

Chances of Hope will assist in 4 communities with blankets for the winter of 2019. The assistance will include farmworkers, elderly people, school hostels, unemployed families and others.


  • The extreme drought conditions in the Northern Cape and Karoo caused havoc.

  • Employees lost their work.

  • School fees can't be paid and the schools that are still able to keep the hostels in tact are just running out of funds to keep the hostels equipped with the most needed items.

  • If Chances of Hope is able to supply approximately 8000 blankets, the current funds available at the various organisations, schools, churches, welfare organisations, etc. can be used for food and other items.

  • Chances of Hope need to raise approximately R 750,000.00 for the 8000 blankets.

  • Broken down, 7500 donations of a R100 will do it…

  • Share with a friend, share with a loved one, share, share, share…

  • Chances of Hope will assist with a bit of warmth.

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