What do Chances of Hope need?
Needs list

  1. Financial support
    • Any donation helps Chances of Hope, whether it is R50.00 or R 100,000.00 it doesn't matter, what matter is that you put Chances of Hope in the position to help with:
    • Assistance with psychological, moral and other support;
    • Assessing serious situations where professional help is needed;
    • Fuel expenses
      • The Karoo and Northern Cape are far;
    • Any emergency needs that were not planned for;
    • Assisting soup kitchens.
  1. Equipment and items needed by schools, clinics and other care facilities
    • Educational toys;
    • Sport equipment;
    • Games;
      • Compendium of Games
      • Chess
      • Monopoly
      • Scrabble
      • Any board games
      • Twister
    • Clothes
      • Old or new, any clothes, any size, adults, babies, any any clothes
      • Toiletries;
      • Washing powder;
      • None perishable food;
        • Coffee
        • Tea
        • Cookies
  1. If you would like to donate something and don't know if you can, contact Marius by Clicking here
  2. Don't hesitate, please donate, it will help someone…
Thank You
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Chances of Hope is a registered NPO
Sponsors can be issued with an Article 18A Certificate

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